Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quail failures, plantar Fascitis, and life.

Sad to say-- our quail never hatched. And for those of you who thought i'm pregnant, its definitely a no. We were actually incubating quail eggs in our apartment to have as pets. I think jared will probably order more- I was so bummed when they didn't hatch.

A couple of updates-- USU proved not to be invincible in their recent losses to Boise and St Marys- it was sad but its okay-- they're surviving. The boise game happened to fall on valentines, so me and a couple girls (a wife, a fiance and a girlfriend) all went to the game. the drive was long- survived with only 1 speeding ticket (and thankfully i wasn't driving). When we arrived in boise it was 6:30 and the game was at 7:05 so we decided to get some food- then ran over to the game. by this time we were cutting it close and when we finally reached the "Player Ticket-will call line" it was FOREVER long. To make a long story short-- they ran out of USU tickets- i flipped- got a little angry at a couple of people- and got into the game with about 8 minutes left in the first half. To make matters worse they lost. We look back at our unfortunate vacation and laugh now.. but i was ANGRY then. UGH. haha.

Another unfortunate event is Jared's "foot incident". He has a bad case of Plantars Fascitis" which to my understanding is a tearing thingy in the arch of your foot that KILLS. He's in a lot of pain. He got a cortizone shot a week ago but it didn't really have much effect. He also gets some sort of ultrasonic treatment?? that doesn't really help either. He says hes fine- He still is playing great. In the ST Mary's game that was on ESPN he still was able to score 22 points (including an NBA range 3-pointer) which was so awesome!

Good news to end on: the WAC tournament which means spring break and a trip to reno- is in about 2 weeks. HOORAH!