Sunday, February 13, 2011

The past few months...


Finally I've updated my blog. It's been a busy few months! I have been working full time at the hospital, I'm learning a lot and I really enjoy working, especially with the people I work with. I was making jewelry like crazy for a while (I always tell Jared I'm working two jobs to make up for his lack of...) but now it's really slowed down. Jared is looking for a job, so if anyone knows of anything let us know!

Jared participated in the Burbat Bash with his friend Jeremy. They fished for a whole week! Me and Teresa went up for the weekend to see what the craze was all about. Burbot are UGLY-slimy-eel-like fish. Gross. I didn't catch any but everyone else did :) It was ice fishing, which actually was pretty fun. We were all bundled up on the middle of creeking ice! Scary.

The last pictures are of our new house, which hopefully will be done by around March 5th. It's cute huh?

That's all.