Friday, October 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

Well.. our European adventure has come to an end for now. Being away from where you know and love can really make you appreciate how much you love your family and your friends, along with many other things that we often take for granted. We survived a whole...2 months! Not quite the ten we were planning on, but we decided that we wanted to come home and are completely happy with our decision. We enjoyed our time in Belgium and met a whole bunch of awesome friends, and we're so thankful for the opportunity we were given. We hadn't known we were leaving until earlier this week and by last night at 8:00 PM we were being picked up by my family. They even surprised us by picking up Leah (our dog) from Jared's parents house so that we could see her when we walked in the door- so fun and i think Leah is in second heaven.. Coming home has been the best thing that we could want right now. Sometimes life doesn't work out how you planned so you have to keep moving... and in this case i guess moving was taken literally. :)

Hooray for Utah!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicken Restaurant

We went out with Lori and Dior last week to eat at 'The Chicken Restaurant', it went a little like this...

We walk in to the restaurant greeted in Dutch...
"UHHH... do you speak english?"
"half chicken each?"
"uhhh... do you have a menu?"
"typically half chicken for each person"
"okay? we'll have 4 half chickens then"

Dinner served... YUP. we each have a half of a chicken in front of us

"tradition is eat with your hands"
"No fork, eat with your hands"
The boys... "okay!"
Lori says..."No one else is eating with their hands?? can we please have a fork?"
the man looks a little sad, but hands us each a fork...

Good thing Lori was there. This wasn't no KFC eat with your hands bucket of chicken... this was a half chicken, rotissery style, aka you would be clawing at it to eat it because you don't pick up a rotissery chicken and take a bite of it.

DELICIOUS. definitely. WORTH IT. yes.

(I am trying to forget the mans horror movie-long-dirty-gross-and-most-unappetizing fingernails that touched my chicken with no gloves... and the fact that when jared went back the next day for more (yes he loved it that much) that the man licked his fingers after dishing up Jared's sauce AND handling raw chicken.... I'm trying to forget this because it WAS the best meal we have had at a restaurant since we got here and also because lori hates when i mention this)


Monday, October 4, 2010

Game 1

We made it through another week! Jared had his first game on Saturday, which was a huge bummer game. They played Oostende, who finished in 2nd place last year. The score was 81-70, but the game was a lot closer than it sounds. Losing is never fun... Their next game is on this Saturday.

My mom is coming in 25 days and I CAN'T WAIT. Have i mentioned how much i love this woman... She is the best.

My little brother jake just went to homecoming.. such a stud..

Sorry for the little update-- but really not much has happened.