Monday, August 30, 2010


This is Lori, Me, and Sofie (Erwin and Kathy's daughter) at the game. We were quite the trio.

Poor piglet.
The leuven bears stand at Eurofolies. Each stand represented a different country. Our was Luxembourg. I guess they roast pigs there.

There's Mr. Quayle in his jersey. Isn't he so cute. Number 4.

Well... this week came and went fast.

People ask me what i do all day... well I don't really know. I usually work a couple of hours for my job back at home. They were way awesome and sent me with a computer. Then I read. I love to read. I clean. I take naps. I go on jogs. I live the easiest life imaginable.
Wednesday was Jared's first game. Unfortunately they lost. It was in a town called Knokke, which is right on the coast. It was a two hour drive but luckily we had a ride, thanks Erwin and Kathy and Sofie! The game was a lot different than a USU game :) The score was 85-74 and Jared had 8 points. The video on my previous post was from the game..

We attended an event called Eurofolies. The team had a stand where they were roasting a pig. yuck. I've never seen this actually done, but to say the least i felt bad for the poor little piglet. I like pig better when it is already cut and packaged then you don't have to think about what you are eating. Watching it go round and round made me sad. Maybe europe will make me a vegetarian.

Other than Jared being really busy with basketball, they practice twice a day, nothing else really noteworthy happened. Here's to a new week of adventures.

My mother was trying to help cheer me up since i'm getting homesick, don't worry though.. i like belgium it's just a big adjustment. She sent me a list of possible hobbies.

The best that made me giggle for a good ten minutes was this...

What about belly dancing? I have started doing this and its doing wonders for my waist line. I even have a gig set up at the Layton Hills Mall during lunch time. I get to walk around the tables while people are eating and belly dance for them. They really seem to be amazed at my talent. The movement seems to be very hypnotic. Their faces tell it all- their mouths are open wide with wonder and awe and their eyes are practically bugging out of their heads and they simply can't take their eyes off me. I think all of my years as a Lakette prepared me for this experience. Jake is also experiencing the thrill of having a famous mom. He loves it when I am dancing their during his lunchtime..

bahaha. mom you are the best :) Thanks for making me laugh.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Week one.. check!

The beetle statue, stuck to the sky with a needle. Ugly but interesting...

The statue by the university- Dumping knowledge into its head with a beer cup...

Lori getting ready to enjoy a delicious waffle!

The university library- amazing architecture! Lori and I went exploring inside--- amazing!

I don't remember this buildings name, but its right in the middle of downtown leuven. People get married here. It's probably the coolest looking building I've ever seen!

We made it through our first week in Belgium and so far it has been great. We have met so many nice people.

Just to clarify, Lindsey is writing this blog, not Jared :) I should take full responsibility for the silly things i post...

We made it to our ward this morning and were warmly welcomed. The bishop is actually from Virginia! We met the missionaries who were from payson, roy and burley, ID. It's a small world :) The meeting was in Dutch but they were able to translate for us into some nifty little headsets. I am excited to get to know the members. The ward was small, only about 40 people were there today which is a lot different than what we are used to.

We also went on a city tour with Jared's team and saw some of downtown Leuven. It was really fun and so beautiful. The only thing i don't get is the beetle stuck on the needle... and neither did the people who are from Belgium.

I was able to meet up with my new friend Lori who is here with one of the players. She is from San Fran and is so much fun! There are two other girls with the team, Lori and Len (Sorry Len if i am spelling your name wrong). Len is from Belgium and is so fun to talk to, she is helping me learn where the good places to eat and shop are :) I WALKED to downtown thinking that it wouldn't be that far.. it took me an hour, and when i finally made it I was so tired. Lori and I walked around and shopped. We had our first Belgian Waffles-- One that was gross-- and the other one DELICIOUS! Lori taught me the ways of the bus so i wouldn't have to walk back home. Thank heavens!

As for Jared, he is very busy with basketball. They have practice twice a day, and he really seems to be enjoying his new team. Their first game is on Wednesday, it is a preseason game. I am excited to get back into the basketball life.
I hope everyone is well! We miss you and love you!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What milk should we buy? Back in the states there are different choices and we like 2% milk. The milk we have bought here is like half milk and half cream. Do you drink milk?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I love the hunger games... haven't read them? Well you should!

I have a questions for all of you from Belgium-- What chocolate is best? I like milk chocolate.. and I think its all yummy but apparently i haven't had the best yet.

Also, is there maple syrup in Belgium? If not, what should we put on our waffles.

Do people usually tip at restaurants?

thats all.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome to Belgium!

We made it to belgium yesterday morning (9:20 AM local time) 1:20 AM Utah time. We were exhausted from a long plane ride but we survived! We met some of the people that run the team and filled out a lot of paperwork, and finally they took us to our apartment. We were pooped so we took a nap. Our apartment is pretty fun and a lot bigger than expected. It has bright yellow walls :) We like it although Jared told me that the walls are too bright. ha...

We then woke up because one of the team manager guys came to take us to the grocery store and give us our car. We now drive a little mercedes hatchback thing. Pretty cute and little! The best part was trying to figure out how to put it in reverse... at one point i had to get out and push it backwards in the pooring rain because we couldn't figure it out... but don't tell Jared i told you :)

The grocery store was weird... try shopping in dutch. We couldn't figure out what stuff was, so everytime we saw something we recognized it was in the cart. The weirdest thing to me was there was no milk in the fridge, it was just sitting on the shelf... it had cows on it and said melk so we figured that's what it was...

Next we went out to eat. It was pretty good but we felt dumb because apparently you have to wave a server down to order.. ha we sat there for a good while.

Anyway, we are here and it is really nice! We are excited for our adventure even though we feel clueless!