Tuesday, November 24, 2009

SOOO bored

Wow, class can be a drag. Especially when every other professor cancelled class today EXCEPT mr. Roper. GAG. So here I am.. in class.. but not technically in class. I'm avoiding reality.

Well.. basketball is well underway. It's been a sad start to the season with a one point loss to utah and a 3? point loss to a school in boston. Jared scored his career high 27 points against Utah which was pretty dang cool. He also has been a rebounding machine.

Our Dog.. LEAH... aka the BEAST.. has been keeping us busy and entertained. For instance, one night while Jared was gone I had her sleeping in bed with me so I wouldn't be scared.. BAD IDEA. She decided she was hungry in the middle of the night, so she wandered out to the kitchen for some Sugar Cookies (which were really delicious so I can see why she was craving them at 2AM). I woke up with a heart attack.. I heard pans banging, plates clashing and every other sort of mayhem imaginable... My reaction, " OHHHHH crud! someones in my house!!" Panic panic panic.

Dumb dog.

She also likes to find random food and eat them.. For instance, while talking on the phone to my mother she managed to find a beef stroganoff package, open it, and sprinkle it around the house. Love it when my house smells like Stroganoff.

She also ate a half cube of butter last night, wrapper and all. She might have high cholesterol.

THANKSGIVING is this week. So thrilled. Love to eat until I'm sick. Love it.

Thats all.

Love Lindsey