Monday, December 19, 2011

7 weeks

Jace is already 7 weeks old (tomorrow). He is getting so big and he is sooo much fun. He has been smiling a lot lately, it's so cute! He is such a little chunk, he has the chubbiest little cheeks.

Jared has been swan hunting and duck hunting and fishing like CRAZY. Holy cow. OBSESSED. he did get a swan this year, he was so proud. I was sitting at my house and the doorbell rang.. I opened it to find Jared standing there looking completely HAPPY, holding his swan up (by the neck)... I have a picture, but some people might not find it too amusing. haha. It was quite hillarious, who knew i married such a redneck.

As for me, i have started working from home a little bit. I am absolutely dreading the day when i go back and have to leave Jace... seriously dreading it. I love my job, but who knew you could get so attached to a little guy so fast. I spend almost every single moment with him and to leave him seems like it will rip my heart out.  Jared will be able to stay home with him until he finds a job, but even that seems hard. I know that working moms have normal kids that love them, so i have to keep reminding myself of that. Why can't we just be rich :)

5 generations
love those chubby cheeks :)
Me and Jace on thanksgiving!

Jace and his great great grandma hartley

Mr Bear Photo, he was NOT thrilled
Jace and his cute little grin
Jace and his christmas outfit.. jared loves it.. not

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jace Joseph

It's been a long time, but Jace Joseph Quayle is finally here. He was 3 days past his due date of October 29th, which was driving me crazy! He was finally born on Tuesday, November 1, at 8:34 PM. He weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 22 inches long. It's been so fun to take care of him for the past 2 weeks, I love that little guy!

I was bound and determined to go into labor, so on halloween night in between the trick or treaters, I was running up and down the stairs, doing jumping jacks, and whatever else i could think of. Jared was ready to throw something at me because i wouldn't hold still... but it worked! Finally, I woke up with contractions 5 minutes apart. I told Jared that I was having contractions.. to which he responded, "Okay, well I'm going to school". So he left... and i kept contracting... I called my Mom and my sister in law Tressa, who both decided that they thought i was probably in labor. I did what anyone would do... Called my husband and told him to meet me at the hospital. Yup, drove myself to the hospital.  Jared was convinced i was not in labor because it wasn't anything like the movies where the mom is dying to get in to have the baby. They ended up keeping me and the best thing i've ever done was get my epidural early... :)

11 hours later, baby Jace was here. When they broke my water earlier that afternoon, they told me that Jace had "pooped" in my tummy aka there was mechonium in my water. They told me that when this happens, it's possible that the baby could have inhaled it, so they would be taking him right when he was born to be suctioned to make sure there wasn't mechonium in his lungs. So, sure enough, they took him, cleaned him all up and finally handed him to me. I held him for a few seconds, but he was making these sad little grunting sounds, the poor kid couldn't breathe. So they took him again and rushed him to get an xray. They found out he had a pneumo-thorax, or a hole in one of his lungs that was leaking air to his chest cavity. The air was pushing his other lung and heart over, making it really difficult for him to breathe. They ended up having to put a chest tube in him to drain the extra air.The chest tube worked fast, and by the next morning there was barely any air left in his chest cavity. They had to feed him with an IV and keep him on oxygen to help his lung heal. He stayed in the NICU until Friday night. Finally, the told us he was good to go home and I was one happy momma. It was a stressful welcoming to parenthood, but we are so thankful for everyone that took such great care of our little Jace.

Jace is an EXCELLENT baby. He rarely cries, he eats like a champ (after 1 week... he's already gained 5 ounces), and is so cuddly.

ANYWAY.. here are some pictures!


Monday, April 25, 2011

A big Easter Announcement!

Jared and I had a fun opportunity to announce to my family that... I'm Pregnant! Currently, I'm 13 weeks and due October 29th. I had so much fun announcing the news to our families, but my favorite was being able to tell my Great Grandma Hartley that she was going to be a Great GREAT Grandma for the first time. She was thrilled, her exact words were "I'm so elated! I was just saying this morning that I need a Great Great Grandbaby!" We have video of this, and it's worth watching Grandma Hartley give a fist pump. I'll post it soon!

We are so excited!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The past few months...


Finally I've updated my blog. It's been a busy few months! I have been working full time at the hospital, I'm learning a lot and I really enjoy working, especially with the people I work with. I was making jewelry like crazy for a while (I always tell Jared I'm working two jobs to make up for his lack of...) but now it's really slowed down. Jared is looking for a job, so if anyone knows of anything let us know!

Jared participated in the Burbat Bash with his friend Jeremy. They fished for a whole week! Me and Teresa went up for the weekend to see what the craze was all about. Burbot are UGLY-slimy-eel-like fish. Gross. I didn't catch any but everyone else did :) It was ice fishing, which actually was pretty fun. We were all bundled up on the middle of creeking ice! Scary.

The last pictures are of our new house, which hopefully will be done by around March 5th. It's cute huh?

That's all.