Monday, December 19, 2011

7 weeks

Jace is already 7 weeks old (tomorrow). He is getting so big and he is sooo much fun. He has been smiling a lot lately, it's so cute! He is such a little chunk, he has the chubbiest little cheeks.

Jared has been swan hunting and duck hunting and fishing like CRAZY. Holy cow. OBSESSED. he did get a swan this year, he was so proud. I was sitting at my house and the doorbell rang.. I opened it to find Jared standing there looking completely HAPPY, holding his swan up (by the neck)... I have a picture, but some people might not find it too amusing. haha. It was quite hillarious, who knew i married such a redneck.

As for me, i have started working from home a little bit. I am absolutely dreading the day when i go back and have to leave Jace... seriously dreading it. I love my job, but who knew you could get so attached to a little guy so fast. I spend almost every single moment with him and to leave him seems like it will rip my heart out.  Jared will be able to stay home with him until he finds a job, but even that seems hard. I know that working moms have normal kids that love them, so i have to keep reminding myself of that. Why can't we just be rich :)

5 generations
love those chubby cheeks :)
Me and Jace on thanksgiving!

Jace and his great great grandma hartley

Mr Bear Photo, he was NOT thrilled
Jace and his cute little grin
Jace and his christmas outfit.. jared loves it.. not