Sunday, December 19, 2010


We've been home for 2 months now. We are building a house in Hyrum through Sierra Homes and we can't wait! I have been really busy with work and Jared has been duck hunting.

My sisters and I have been having fun making jewelry. We have an awesome hip grandma that keeps us in style with all of her beads.

Check out the jewelry we make... we can do anything custom and would love to make you something! Everything ranges in price with earrings starting at $5 dollars. The pocket watch necklaces range from $20 to $30 depending on the size. Watch bands $15-$20. Necklaces and Lanyards are around $20 depending on what you get. We can do any color you want.


This is a window in Belgium.. check out how close it is to this pocket watch necklace.. :)


Watch Bands




Friday, October 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home...

Well.. our European adventure has come to an end for now. Being away from where you know and love can really make you appreciate how much you love your family and your friends, along with many other things that we often take for granted. We survived a whole...2 months! Not quite the ten we were planning on, but we decided that we wanted to come home and are completely happy with our decision. We enjoyed our time in Belgium and met a whole bunch of awesome friends, and we're so thankful for the opportunity we were given. We hadn't known we were leaving until earlier this week and by last night at 8:00 PM we were being picked up by my family. They even surprised us by picking up Leah (our dog) from Jared's parents house so that we could see her when we walked in the door- so fun and i think Leah is in second heaven.. Coming home has been the best thing that we could want right now. Sometimes life doesn't work out how you planned so you have to keep moving... and in this case i guess moving was taken literally. :)

Hooray for Utah!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chicken Restaurant

We went out with Lori and Dior last week to eat at 'The Chicken Restaurant', it went a little like this...

We walk in to the restaurant greeted in Dutch...
"UHHH... do you speak english?"
"half chicken each?"
"uhhh... do you have a menu?"
"typically half chicken for each person"
"okay? we'll have 4 half chickens then"

Dinner served... YUP. we each have a half of a chicken in front of us

"tradition is eat with your hands"
"No fork, eat with your hands"
The boys... "okay!"
Lori says..."No one else is eating with their hands?? can we please have a fork?"
the man looks a little sad, but hands us each a fork...

Good thing Lori was there. This wasn't no KFC eat with your hands bucket of chicken... this was a half chicken, rotissery style, aka you would be clawing at it to eat it because you don't pick up a rotissery chicken and take a bite of it.

DELICIOUS. definitely. WORTH IT. yes.

(I am trying to forget the mans horror movie-long-dirty-gross-and-most-unappetizing fingernails that touched my chicken with no gloves... and the fact that when jared went back the next day for more (yes he loved it that much) that the man licked his fingers after dishing up Jared's sauce AND handling raw chicken.... I'm trying to forget this because it WAS the best meal we have had at a restaurant since we got here and also because lori hates when i mention this)


Monday, October 4, 2010

Game 1

We made it through another week! Jared had his first game on Saturday, which was a huge bummer game. They played Oostende, who finished in 2nd place last year. The score was 81-70, but the game was a lot closer than it sounds. Losing is never fun... Their next game is on this Saturday.

My mom is coming in 25 days and I CAN'T WAIT. Have i mentioned how much i love this woman... She is the best.

My little brother jake just went to homecoming.. such a stud..

Sorry for the little update-- but really not much has happened.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet the bears party

The Girls- Malu, Me, Kathy, Lori

The boys, Tofi, Dior, and Jared

craziest, funnest, most insane ride i've ever
been on, it was at the fair
in downtown Leuven

Jared and Me at the Partay

The team held a huge publicity event on Tuesday night. It was pretty fun, (other than all of the speakers were in dutch). They introduced the team and after had a bunch of mingling and pictures. I've uploaded the video of Jared's introduction. Louis, the man speaking, is the team manager, and he was so proud that he was able to rhyme the whole intro.. even though he added some stuff.. like Jared is a fanatic reader.. which we all know is NOT true. hahaha. we laughed pretty hard.
After the party we went to downtown leuven and rode the ride.. it swung from side to side-- way high in the air, and turned you in circles. I was laughing SO hard at Jared and Dior.. who were both FREAKING out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another weekly update

Belgium is SO different than Utah.

This is a conversation from me and my mom on skype...

"Mom, It's just SO different here ," i whined while making a sad face...
"Stop COMPLAINING about how different it is and go out and enjoy the differences"

Best advice i've received since i got here.

A lot of your are probably thinking i'm crazy to complain.. i'm living the dream, right? Yes, at times it is sooooo much fun, when we can go out and explore. But you also have to remember that most days Jared is at practice all day and I am at home, which leads to me and my whining.

Although i still miss things like..

My Family

My dog, Leah (are you guys sick of hearing about Leah?)

Grocery stores that have instant food, that is still delicious so me and my lazy self don't have to actually THINK of meals to cook

Stores like Target, Wal Mart (yup I said it, cast your judgements haha) , Lee's and any other grocery store..

Restaurants like Costa Vida, Chili's, Bluebird Cafe, Olive Garden, etc..

A dryer that ACTUALLY dries clothes in less than an hour

My automatic car

my hair girl.. still haven't got my hair did..

I'm a BraT... and I miss these things, okay??..

I have found some things I love about belgium MORE than Utah.

Ice cream-- holy goodness. Delicious and cheap. need I say more

Waffles- Lori and I found the BEST waffles of the trip so far. thank you Knokke
** notice how I say trip-- it hasn't hit me that I LIVE here.

Chocolate- to die for

BEAUTIFUL buildings. everywhere. and sooo much history

a beach that is only 2 hours away- dear great salt lake-- you stink (literally)

random doors- every building/apartment has a cool door

Being in the middle of Europe and being so close to so many countries like the netherlands,
france, germany, england, italy, spain.. these are the places i want to visit most!

See Mom, my list is GrOWiNG, I promise.

As for Basketball it's been a roller coaster week again. They lost one game against Leiden, but Jared had 25 points! He is so amaz-z-zing! Then they won one against Zwolle. Both teams are from the Netherlands. Tonight is their last preseason game. I plan on posting his games on youtube once the season starts so that those of you who are interested can watch. The first game is October 2 at home.

Lori and I went to Knokke (pronounced Kah no kah.. i think) to watch them play zwolle. While there we went to the coast and saw the beautiful beach and sea! we looooved it. It would be so fun in the summer when it's warm. We also had the best waffles... best waffle i have ever had... at a place called home made austrailian ice cream. Here are a couple of pics from the trip

ummm. that waffle is making my mouth water.
on a side note... we've been asked a little about our religion from various people we've met here. Yup.. we are mormons- we are from utah- and we love it. is a great website with some accurate information on the mormon religion. A couple of things that we believe in are: our savior Jesus Christ and His atonement, our Heavenly Father who loves and knows each and everyone of us, and the Holy Ghost who helps us throughout our daily lives, our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, who receives revelation to help us be better people, Families that last forever even when we die, the book of mormon- another testament of Jesus Christ, baptism, and so many other happy and wonderful things.
Until Nexxt week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Brussels, Games and More... excited?

Good Morning, even though most of you are still in a deep sleep. This last week has been pretty fun. Jared had a few games, one was fan day at their practice gym. They won. Yesterday they played the same team from the Netherlands that beat them last week and unfortunately lost again. It was a rough game.. let's just keep it at that.

These are Malu and John Tofi's kids. John plays on Jared's team. I'm missing one kid, Ioane, but they are sooo much fun. We love hanging out with them. The older one in these pictures is Tommy, and he's only 2! He's so tall, i thought he was at least 4 when I met him. The baby is Ernie, he's so sweet. He's turning one in a week or so. Everytime you take Ernie's picture he gladly gives you a big cheese. Soooo funny. Me and Lori were cracking up. Thanks Malu for sharing your kids with us!

Jared actually had a day off this week so we went into brussels to take a look around. We weren't there for very long but the city looks amazing. While we were walking down the street this strange parade came through. Silly men throwing out oranges.. one man even threw me one when i took his picture. haha.. no idea what they were doing, but i like oranges so i was happy. The buildings were amazing, europe definitely wins the coolest architecture award.
I'm having a lot of fun even though i really miss my family and...



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No speak American video

The video I made didn't have words so here is the music video. Seriously on the radio all the time... all the time. :)


Welcome to the Netherlands!
There were bikes everywhere. I know this is hard to see but this is a bike parking garage. WHAT THE HECK!? Millions of bikes. millions.

This is me and Lori.

I had an amazing time this weekend with Lori. We went to Amsterdam, Netherlands to see Anne Franks house. It was really sad and interesting. I bought myself a copy of her diary which so far is amazing. I forgot most of what i read in the 8th grade so I'm very excited to reread it. I can't believe she died only a month before she got to go home. It made me so mad at Hitler. UGH. It's so crazy that people got away with treating other humans so horribly.

We also went to the Van Gogh museum which would've been way more interesting if I was into art. His pictures were amazing, and I found a few that I loved. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us take pictures in either museum. I can't believe he killed himself over his artwork. He thought no one like it.. turns out he's a little more than famous.

American food is few and far between. On our drive we found this..

and this...
So happy for American food.. love it, although our Burger King wasn't near as yummy as home.

Saturday night we went to the game, where unfortunately the boys lost. They got killed by the number 1 team in Holland. It was a tough. It was in a city called apeldoorn which was about an hour and a half away from Amsterdam.

We stayed the night in Apeldoorn.

The next morning we drove back towards amsterdam to a place about 9 miles north.. called Zaanse Schans in Zaandam. This is where the windmills are! We saw a lot of windmills on the drive, but this had them all grouped together. It was beautiful. We actually got to go inside a windmill called de kat, which makes dye. they were grinding up chalky stuff inside. That's what you'll see in the video. This was my favorite place because it was gorgeous, and free!
This was the view from inside the windmill. pretty cool, minus the window was dirty

After the windmills we drove to Bergen Op Zoom for their second game where they killed the team! They won by almost 50 points. It was a drastic change from the night before!

This video is inside the windmill. The song that plays with the movie is all over the radio here. We no speak Americano is what it's called. haha. LOVE it. I couldn't find the version they play here.. but this is similar.