Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Belgium and Leah

Well, thanks everyone for your comments on my last post, especially those of you from Belgium! How cool is that? So glad to hear that English is spoken there, what a relief... also, funny that there is a pub on every street corner pretty much, a lot different than Utah, that's for sure!

To answer some of your questions... YES I am nervous. Nervous that i'll be homesick.. but so excited that it wipes my nervousness out the door for a split second. We will live there for 10 months, which also helps with my nervousness.. it will be a great experience. During the summer months (june through august) we will most likely be back in Utah.

I've officially started myself into a panicked frenzy.

What are we going to do with all of our 'stuff'?

How in the heck am I supposed to pack for 10 months in a suitcase..

What are we going to do with our dog?

do I need to learn some dutch? I'm clueless.

Am i going to be by myself all the time??

Who's going to do my hair? haha... yes I have actually thought of this

and back to the dog. As of now we are thinking of taking her with us. Crazy? Maybe. But how could you leave this sweet face?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

WE are MOVING...


Jared has accepted an offer to play basketball for the Leuven Bears, located in Leuven, Belgium.

We leave in August.

This is where Belgium is (in case you're like me and geographically challenged)

Belgium is famous for waffles, chocolate and beer :)

We will be living in a university town, Leuven, Home of the Catholic University of Leuven.

They speak Dutch in the area we will live in, but the country also speaks french and german (I believe.. relying on Wiki).

So... anyone ever been to belgium?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

HIP hip HIP Hooray!

Us with Jeremy and Teresa- Love them

Jared and all the awards he won--- he's amazing!

Me- showing Jared's enthusiasm for him

Me and teresa after stuffin ourselves at Rodizio's. We love food babies.

Gaduated college... CHECK!

Yup, i finished school, I now have a bachelor's degree in Accounting. What do I do now? Same thing I did before I graduated. haha. Life hasn't changed in the slightest, except for an increase in free time in whihc I fill with TV, reading, and hanging out with the hubsy.

2 year anniversary... CHECK!

We had a fun anniversary celebration which included staying in the 50's style diner hotel room at the anniversary inn (Thanks to a sweet sister who gave us a great deal), robin hood, and dinner. Our actual anniversary was spent in island park with jared's mom and dad and brother... haha... which was fun but not my idea of a romantic weekend, he had some making up to do.

Teresa and Jeremy moved to alaska... sad.

Our besties moved to alaska which makes me sad. They move back in August so until then Jared and I put up with each other :) The thing i miss the most is our addiction to a little game called sequence.. which usually ended in the boys singing a stupid song because they cheated to win, and me and teresa getting mad and knocking their chips of the table. We are mature.
which brings me to my next point... Jared.
He is trying to play overseas next basketball season and we are crossing our fingers it works out. He had a workout with the jazz last week which went well. He felt he did well which is great because he was kind of an underdog at the camp. Hopefully this leads to some more opportunities in the basketball life. We are looking forward to finding out which country we will move to, what a crazy thing to wait for! We will most likely move in the middle of august if everything works out.

Until next quarter... Love ya!