Wednesday, March 24, 2010


WOW what a crazy three weeks.

First. Senior Night. Jared was the lone senior on the team, there were some really great articles about him in the Herald Journal and in Cache Valley Magazine.
Teresa and I made some great posters in preperation for the great night!
We laughed our heads off at these AWESOME CREEPY masks. Nothings better than a huge crowd with Jared head's that are missing eyeballs. What better to do than wear them all night. We loved our Jared masks.

Before the game started they honored Mr. Quayle. We walked out on the court where they presented him with his Jersey. It was so crazy, i was so nervous i did my elbow elbow wrist wrist wave. Such an honor for him, I loved it.
THEY WON!! Jared played great as usual. They became WAC champs. Taking down NMSU. Wonderful night!

Us with Jeremy and Teresa, our favorites! haha.. we make quite the gang.

Jared signing autographs...
We celebrated after with all of our family and friends. We had a blast. Thanks for coming everyone! The cute cupcakes were made by my friend Kara (

Jared and his cute cousins. They love to pick on Jared, or I guess he loves to pick on them.

Fast Forward. We are now in Reno for the WAC tourny. We won, we won, and then we lost. We lost to the same team that we beat in WAC championship, NMSU. It was heart breaking. I almost got in a fight with a player.. haha.. my mom restrained me.

Grandma Quayle and Aunt Jan at the game.. LOVE these ladies!!

Jenna, Teresa and I got our faces painted at our hotel. We had so much fun.

Cute cookies made by a lady that works with my mom. We gave one to each player!

Teresa and I looking excited because the picture before my mom said we looked boring, or something along those lines.

We are now in Washington. Spokane to be exact. The team flew the wives there, they paid for our plane, our hotel and our food. I was so grateful I got to go, and be spoiled. It was so much fun and so beautiful!

The beautiful river that ran right by our hotel.

Jared and I on a river walk :)

Eating our hearts out at a pub on St. Patricks day. Rendi loved Jared, she's one of the coach's kids.
My mom and I enjoying the game. Unfortunately it was a heartbreaking loss. Lots of tears were shed, we're going to miss aggie basketball.

Thanks for all of your support the past 2 years!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

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Jared and the team did AMAZING on senior night. It was soooo much fun. Congrats to them and taking the WAC.

Jared was also named first team all WAC which is such a great honor for him!

If you don't want to watch the whole video I posted start at about the 5 minute mark to see Jared's interview.

I'll post more pictures soon!