Friday, December 11, 2009

I forgot one quick story.
I had a final yesterday (Thursday) at 3 PM.
I stayed up all night studying for it.
I worked the next day, and left work around 1:30
I planned on studying for my final.
I arrive at the school,
Lolly gag,
buy a christmas present at the bookstore,
Arrive at the couch in front of my class at 2PM.
One hour til test time.
Kid from class walks out of classroom,
"LINDSEY! What are you doing, why aren't you taking the final??!"
"Because it's not til 3?"
"No it started at 1:30"
Bad words run through my head as I panic.
I didn't believe him until someone else came out of class..
"Lindsey, did you take the final?"
WOW. who does that. I almost missed it entirely.
Nice teacher let me take it still.
Sometimes I'm a danger to myself.


So Happy today because...
School's out for Winter! (although i wish it said Summer there, I'll take a break now)

I will be and aunt soon... Yeah for Tressa and Kody

Tomorrow is Saturday so I can sleep in until 10 or maybe 11...
(that's right I said eleven, I'm tired)

Just thinking- I love my dad

And my mom


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Basketball ups and downs

This week has been a roller coaster in the basketball world. They played BYU on Wednesday at home and won! it was the most intense game and SO much fun. It was nuts. SOOO many people were there they ended up locking the doors so that no more students could get in. It was jammed packed so some people didn't have seats. We ended up scalping some tickets so my sis and her husband could get in.
Jared played amazing- he always does. It amazes me how high he can jump and how great he is. After we went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's with the fam where this happened..


Then on Saturday they played st Mary's and lost. It was a tough loss to swallow since it broke a 37 game winning streak at the Spectrum. But, losses happen- even though they suck. Jared once again played great.

We are looking forward to being done with school and for Christmas break and Christmas!

Hooray for the holidays!